How to get rid of odors if you have allergies or asthma

We've all walked into a room or stepped into a vehicle and wondered how long we were going to have to hold our breath before that odor would fade.  For some, just grabbing a chemical based product from the store is a temporary solution. 

While spraying lavendar or lemon over that awful odor isn't perfect, it can help dull the odor.  That is unless you suffer from allergies or asthma.  Not only are you struggling with the smell itself, but spraying the room with chemicals to help mask the odor, can trigger an ashtma attack, trouble breathing, watery eyes and more.

That's where we step in. Not only is our odor eliminator, organic and kid and pet safe, but it is hypoallergenic so it will not cause any adverse reactions in sensitive breathing situations. In addition, it's not a fragrance so no artificial smells are introduced into the area.  All of the ingredients are biodegradable and are completely earth friendly. 

The organic compounds used are not harmful, even if accidentally ingested or if they come in contact with skin or fur. It has been tested and passed inhalation, oral, dermal, eye and irritation sensitization on skin. It is literally safe to use on everything, everywhere.

Don't struggle with tolerating a smell or choking from chemicals sprayed in the air, just get your own bottle of our organic odor eliminator and know that the solution is made up of organic compounds, that turn the odor into an organic salt, all with NO man made chemicals.

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